2020 Exascale Computing Project Annual Meeting



The 2020 ECP Annual Meeting will feature two poster sessions to promote face-to-face dialogue among ECP project representatives on topics of potential collaboration and requirements-sharing. You or someone on your team should be present at your poster space during the session you have been assigned to, to engage with other project teams. You will want to present material in your poster session that will help others understand your project and how you might interact with it from a different project's perspective. Details including list of posters, dates and times will follow.

       ● Call for Poster Proposals : click here
       ● Deadline:
             Poster Proposal Submissions - December 27, 2019
             Poster PDF File Submissions - January 17, 2020
       ● PDF Submission: Please click here to submit your poster.
       ● Eligibility: Every ECP project is expected to present a poster.
       ● Requirements: Please incorporate the ECP logo [download] in your Poster(s). A PDF file of all posters will be gathered before the event (see deadline above) and posted on-line and in the conference mobile application. Posters should be no bigger than 35” (w) x 45” (h). There will be 2 posters per side. If the poster is bigger than the requested 35” (w) x 45” (h), your poster may not be displayed.
       ● The following information is needed for the Survey Monkey form: ECP WBS Project Number, Title, Abstract (Max: 100 words), and list of other authors.

Posters Schedule
       ● Tuesday, February 4, 2020: Application Development / Hardware & Integration / Industry / Facilities: (Part I) (Part II) (Part III)
       ● Wednesday, February 5, 2020: Software Technology: (Part I) (Part II) (Part III)

CONTACT:   Lora Wolfe – Email and Elaine Raybourn – Email

Please contact the Posters POCs if you would like to submit a request for additional space. Please note that any posters remaining at the end of the meeting will be removed.


A key goal of the 2020 ECP Annual Meeting is to engage ECP researchers and other stakeholders more deeply with the broad range of research and development activities taking place project wide. To this end, the Annual Meeting Program Committee will host BoF, Breakout, Panel, Plenary and Tutorial sessions from the ECP community for focused sessions on any topic related to the ECP research or project goals. Proposers should emphasize the relevance of the topic to the ECP. Key topics may be covered at the meeting include discussions of future systems, software stack plans, interactions with facilities, best practices in application and software technology development and integration, and overall complex technical project management.

For these sessions, we invite ECP community members to submit proposals to organize 45-minute, 60-minute or 90-minute Breakout, BoF, Panel and Plenary sessions or 60-minute, 90-minute, 180-minute, and 360-minute Tutorials on topics of interest to the ECP annual meeting participants.

The sessions will take place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the meeting week.

       ● Call for proposals (CLOSED): click here
       ● Deadline: Monday, August 26th, 2019
       ● Eligibility: Individuals or groups that receive ECP funding, staff from DOE high-performance computing facilities, and vendors affiliated with ECP PathForward projects.
       ● Submission Guidance: [download]

All proposals will undergo peer review before final consideration by the committee. Decisions about acceptance of proposals will be made by Friday, September 13th, 2019.

Participants are encouraged to attend sessions to learn more about these important topics and areas in the ECP community. Presenters will be discussing accomplishments, requirements sharing, and opportunities for interactions.

CONTACT:   Marta García  – Email and Todd Munson – Email (BoF/Breakout/Panel/Plenary)
                      Ashley Barker – Email and Osni Marques – Email (Tutorials)